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Liquid Intercooling

Of all of the mods I have done to the 240sx, liquid intercooling is the one that raises the most eyebrows, receives the most praise and insults and generally leaves people scratching their heads. This tech article is going to walk through the thought process and design considerations involved in liquid intercooling your Nissan 240sx. This is not a step by step walk but more along the lines of a...

CA18DET Water Mod (Simplifying Water Circulation)

New simplified coolant mod number 2 available here. CA18DET Coolant Mod Number 2 (From 10 Lines to 1) One thing I value on a car that will see serious track time is weight reduction and simplification. This mod focuses on simplifying the water circulation system to improve it’s reliability and greatly reduce it’s complexity. Considerations This mod is perfect for the racer looking for...

Hockey Puck Motor Mounts

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Nismo mounts that everyone swaps into their 240’s are not only over-rated but a waste of money. One of the main reasons people swapping in the CA18DET have a hard time locating a front strut tower bar that clears the intake manifold is due to the fact that the Nismo mounts raise the height of the motor. In my case, this problem was compounded when...

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