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Tein Pillow Ball Camber Adjustable Mounts for the Nissan 240sx

This is a companion (and continuation) of the Tein Basic Coilover Install. In this guide I will demonstrate the simple steps needed to install the camber adjustable pillow ball mounts to the front coilovers in the Tein basic kit. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and read the first guide (link above) and then we’ll jump right in. The Tein pillow ball coilover mounts are a high...

Part 3: Weight Reduction and Steering

We all know how important it is to define goals for any project car and from the beginning I’ve described project MR2 Spyder as a daily driven commuter that needs to have a healthy track appetite. In working towards this goal, I plan to reach a sub 2100 pound curb weight with somewhere close to 200 whp. I plan to do this while including some sort of roll-over protection and retaining...

Project 240sx Overhaul (Day 12)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index I was able to a make a few last minute installs before heading out to Nopi Drift this weekend. In addition to the new tension rods, new adjustable tie rod ends were installed on the front as well as Tein pillow ball mounts. The new tie rod ends are of the self lubricating pillow ball variety and should never need replacement. The Tein pillow ball...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 11)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

I am beginning to focus on a little bit more weight reduction on the 240sx and the vented power steering delete kit works so well on the MR2 Spyder, I decided to make a kit for the 240sx.

I will post a clearer picture later but basically, this system uses gravity to maintain fluid in the rack while allowing excess pressure to escape.

MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 2: The Vented Surge Box)

Related Links MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 1: Try Before You Buy) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 2: The Vented Surge Box) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 3: Disabling the P/S Warning Light) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 4: Summary and Final Install) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Appendix: Alternate Install) (NOTE: This guide adds to part 1 so if you...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 10)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index The front and rear suspension has been reinstalled with a few new goodies and the trunk is being prepped for the fuel cell. A new battery tray has been installed as well. These are the new front and rear adjustable control arms. A custom mount was fabricated to relocate the battery closer to the chassis’ center of gravity. The rough cut of...

New Archive March 12 2008 – April 9. 2008

April 9, 2008 Update: As far as I can tell, the forums are fixed and everything is running smoothly. I’m 99% sure there will be no more issues but if you come across anything, just let me know and I will fix it asap. The site is now fully hosted on the new server and I must say, things are much quicker. Update: I told you we would be back very, very soon. There are only a couple of hiccups...

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