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The Obituary of Project 240sx

Now that I’ve shed my lackadaisical ways of the last two years its time I address the elephant in the room. Project 240sx is officially and completely dead and let’s just say I have mixed emotions about the whole sordid turn of events. Project 240sx didn’t go out in the blaze of glory I had always wished. Oh no, in fact my forth iteration of the phoenix rising lanquished in my...

Chris Simmons is a race car driver, instructor, business owner and all around gearhead. His passion for motorsport started in the drifting community over 10 years ago and progressed into wheel to wheel racing of all kinds. When off track Chris can be found training and working on a myriad of projects. After a hiatus from writing, he is back to share his passion, knowledge and experience in regard to motorsports on and off the track.

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