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NASA 944Spec Road Racing: Winter in July at Barber Motorsports 2018

Barber Motorsports Park should be on every driver’s checklist. It is a world class facility and is always one of the highlight events of the season. This year was no exception with a lightning field consisting of double digit entries for 944 Spec, Spec E30 and Spec Miata. With a 3 stage start, out of class racing was minimized with lots of very close in class battles. And unlike the last...

NASA 944Spec Road Racing: Turn 7 Girl Memorial Road Atlanta 2018

Road Atlanta is a special place for me. It is a litmus test of sorts, with lots of competitive drivers. The track is also very demanding and very rewarding to race. This is my second time as a racer at Road Atlanta and it is amazing the difference time and practice makes. I found the track exhilarating instead of scary this time and put some pressure on the local talent during the two, very...

NASA 944Spec Road Racing: Cardi Gras at NOLA

Ah the annual pilgrimage to NOLA Motorsports Park. This year we did things a little different and brought the wives down early for a little race-cation. The trip was met with a few lows and many highs and the racetrack as well as the French Quarter did not disappoint. But if you want to get straight to the racing, skip below. The Road to new orleans The lows popped up before we even left town...

NASA Midsouth: Shake and Brake at MIR (Apr 14-15) CANCELLED

Car prepped a week early. Check √ Rain tires mounted. Check √ Driver mentally prepared for another battle in the rain. Check √ Event cancelled 5 days before race. Wait What! Disappointment would be an understatement. There is a lot of mental and physical energy that goes into racing and this energy needs to go somewhere. So I kept my mouth shut about the decision for a few days. I had an idea of...

NASA 944spec Road Racing: Bourbon Barrel

The Bourbon Barrel is the second event of the NASA Midsouth season. Taking place March 24th to 25th at the National Corvette Museum (NCM) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is a crossover event with the NASA Great Lakes region and always pulls large fields for 944spec. Saturday/Race 1 Rain is becoming thematic this season and Saturday did not disappoint. Warm-up, Qualifying and Race 1 all took...

NASA Road Racing: Summer in February

What a weekend!  After what seemed like an extra lengthy off season, I was getting so antsy I would have raced in a blizzard; so the torrential downpour wasn’t an issue.  This was the season opener for the Mid-South region at our local track located in Millington, TN.  Pretty much constant rain on Saturday made the 944spec class especially interesting.  At Memphis International Raceway we...

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