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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 5)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

More miscellaneous gutting today. Removed the fuel tank, pump and fuel lines. Finished gutting the trunk and dropped the subframe.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 4)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

The trunk lid, rear brakes and rear coilovers were removed today as well as the whole front suspension assembly.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 3)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

Today I removed the brakes (mostly) as well as the front coilovers and the windshield wiper assembly.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 2)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

Today I didn’t have a lot of time to work so I focused on removing the motor and placing it on the stand.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 1)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

I finally had the time to start this weekend. The tear down is always the easy part. As you can see below, the chassis is a little rough around the edges but I will be fixing all of that in the weeks to come. Most of the items have been removed form the engine bay and I began gutting the interior.

Part 7: The Quest for Efficiency

If I were to ask you what your vices are, what would you say? Now what about your automotive vices? What preoccupies your mind when you are working on a project? What grabs a hold of you and makes you a slave to the build? I myself have a few and one such vice is efficiency. More specifically, I’m talking efficiency of design, efficiency of cost and efficiency of power. This latest...

CA18DET Water/Methanol Injection Progress Pics

This page highlights the progression of the CA18DET swapped 240sx’s water/methanol injection install. Future tutorials will be appended when the project is complete. Images are from newest to oldest. To view the pics in order, start at the bottom. This image is here to show what the compressor blades looked like before water injection. I’ve decided to use placement #4 from this...

Part 6: And I Won’t Call It Drivetrain Tech … (part 1)

Ok, maybe I will but in any serious car buildup the obligatory drivetrain tech installment invariably comes up. And that my friends is what we are about to embark on. The drivetrain includes any system that takes rotation from the motor and translates that movement to the wheels. In this case, I will talk about the flywheel and the driveshaft. Any amount of weight that is removed from the...

CA18DET Swap Guide (Part 1: Removing the KA24DE/KA24E)

Part 1 of the CA18DET swap guide deals with removing the factory engine from your 240sx but before getting started I will cover a little background information regarding the CA18DET motor and engine swaps in general. But first and foremost, if you do not have the Factory Service Manual (FSM) I urge you to download it now. (1989-1994 Nissan 240sx (S13 – 180sx) CA18DET) This manual can help...

Part 5: CA18DET Engine Woes, Time to Build it Better

Some of us get lucky, we import a motor from Japan, swap it into our car and drive off into hybrid heaven. But sometimes things just don’t seem right and unmistakably, as I pile the miles on my latest CA18DET, it has started to feel off. The smoke the car leaves behind after trips to redline is less concerning than the strong gas smell present at the next oil change. Since crankshafts that...

Part 4: Liquid Intercooling (The Path Less Travelled)

The CA18DET motor comes from the factory running 7psi of boost and sporting a small, inefficient side-mounted intercooler that becomes relatively useless at boost pressures above 10psi. Since project CA18DET will see two iterations, one sporting a t25 at 12psi and then a ball-bearing t28 at 14psi, the side-mount has to go. Most will choose to upgrade to a front mount intercooler (FMIC) when...

Part 3: Making it Stick (Installment A – Bounciness be Gone)

(All items discussed in this entry will have full install walkthroughs posted in the Tech and How To’s page) This car has seen better days and after driving it back from Georgia, it is quite clear that most of the original suspension has remained on this chassis during its 170,000 mile existence as a commuter car. As a future drift machine, these have got to go. Removing wheel hop One thing...

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