Introduction – What is Drifting?

According to the all knowing wikipedia: “Drifting refers to the difference in slip angle between the front and rear tires of a car. When the rear wheels are slipping at a greater angle than the front wheels, the car is drifting, or over-steering. The rear end of the car appears to chase the front end around a turn, while the front tires control the actual direction of the car.- wikipedia...

2007 Mustang GT – Hypertech vs Diablosport Predator (Drag, Drive, Dyno)

Let the games begin, the utilitarian Hypertech is ready to face off against the eloquent Diablosport Predator. Add one part extravert, an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time and if it exists, a gene for luck, and you’ve got my older brother. And this time he’s scored a free tuner from Hypertech to be used in his 2007 Mustang GT. All he has to do is let them do a...


We all draw lines for ourselves and I knew that I was crossing one when I bought a welder. It seems to be an unspoken code among enthusiasts but an untrained welder and a project car do not a match make. And quite quickly, I realized that I was in way over my head. But as with pretty much everything in life, we can choose to sink or swim. I chose the latter. The decision to start welding was an...

About the Author:

Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons is a race car driver, instructor, business owner and all around gearhead. His passion for motorsport started in the drifting community and progressed into wheel to wheel racing of all kinds. When off track Chris can be found training and working on a myriad of projects. After a hiatus from writing, he is back to share his passion, knowledge and experience in regard to motorsports on and off the track.

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