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Forum Updates This Week!

The forums have come under several spam attacks recently so it’s time to run a few updates on the site. These updates will focus on bringing phpBB up to date and switching over to a more sophisticated captcha. But if you happened to notice one of these attacks on the forums, I can assure you Driftopia has NOT partnered with an erectile dysfunction advertising campaign. In the meantime...

MR2 Spyder Speed Source Solid Shift Cable Bushings

The new solid bushings installed.

Introduction After installing the Speed Source shifter bushings it is time to tackle the other end of the shifter mechanism. Namely, the rubber bushings at the end of the shifter cables. By replacing the rubber cable ends with solid bushings, the shift mechanism is made that much more precise. Also, unlike the rubber bushings, these solid bushing will not wear out and deteriorate overtime. Tools...

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