The Last, Last Hurrah for Project 240sx: CA18DET Teardown

The Obituary of Project 240sx was supposed to be the last iteration of Project 240sx on the site but I came up with a little something extra. What we have here is a basic teardown of the bare ca18det that was found in Project 240sx in a quick photo journal style. You can read the comment below each picture to get an idea of what you are looking at. This may give those that follow a little insight...

Lotus Elise Engine Oil and Filter Change

Changing the oil in the Lotus Elise is a relatively simple proceedure but first you will have to remove the rear undertray. Also, you can skip to the bottom for my recommendations on oil type and change intervals. Tools and Supplies 4 quarts oil (I use Mobil 1 15w-50) Oil filter (K&N HP1003 or HP2009) Filter wrench or 25mm socket for K&N 12mm wrench Oil drain pan Funnel Rags for cleanup...

Lotus Elise Rear Undertray / Rear Splitter Removal

The Lotus Elise is one of the few production cars that comes with a full body undertray. So when you look under the Elise, instead of seeing exposed lines and pipes (fuel/coolant/brake/exhaust) what you are met with is a flat sheet that runs the length of the car. This design feature is a blessing for aerodymics as it smooths and speeds the flow of air underneath the car. However, parts of the...

Introducing Project Lotus Elise

This is perhaps the most difficult project introduction I have ever written. There is so much emotion wrapped up in this car that no matter what I write it just seems wrong. I want to tell the story of how I came face to face with a pristine Type 72D Lotus Elise that had sat on the dealers lot since 2008. Or that my wife literally made me test drive it because I was being “too responsible...

The Obituary of Project 240sx

Now that I’ve shed my lackadaisical ways of the last two years its time I address the elephant in the room. Project 240sx is officially and completely dead and let’s just say I have mixed emotions about the whole sordid turn of events. Project 240sx didn’t go out in the blaze of glory I had always wished. Oh no, in fact my forth iteration of the phoenix rising lanquished in my...

Site relaunch countdown!

Update: 01/03/2013 Just dropping by, the site is now moved to its new host and I am working on the new theme as we speak. You may notice a few images missing but they should be back shortly. I’m also going to start posting the new content I’ve been promissing for sooo long. 12/30/2012 To say these last two years have been a blur would be a gross understatement. I’m still...

Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

Way off topic but I want to share a little love for my favorite book of all time. Part 1 of the Atlas Shrugged movie premiering April 15th, 2011. Visit the Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Web Site!

Forum Updates This Week!

The forums have come under several spam attacks recently so it’s time to run a few updates on the site. These updates will focus on bringing phpBB up to date and switching over to a more sophisticated captcha. But if you happened to notice one of these attacks on the forums, I can assure you Driftopia has NOT partnered with an erectile dysfunction advertising campaign. In the meantime...

MR2 Spyder Speed Source Solid Shift Cable Bushings

The new solid bushings installed.

Introduction After installing the Speed Source shifter bushings it is time to tackle the other end of the shifter mechanism. Namely, the rubber bushings at the end of the shifter cables. By replacing the rubber cable ends with solid bushings, the shift mechanism is made that much more precise. Also, unlike the rubber bushings, these solid bushing will not wear out and deteriorate overtime. Tools...

MR2 Spyder Speed Source Solid Shifter Bushing Install

Introduction What Speed Source offers with their solid aluminum shifter bushings is nothing short of amazing when you realize just how profoundly these bushings alter the feel of the Spyder. By replacing the factory rubber bushings with solid aluminum units, the Speed Source bushings banish the spongy, lacking feel of the factory shifter. The shifter now exhibits the urgent, mechanical feel it...

MR2 Spyder Transmission Fluid Change

Introduction Let’s start with semantics. With the mid-engined, transversely mounted Spyder, you basically have a fwd Corolla engine sitting behind the passenger compartment driving the rear wheels. This means the transmission and differential are part of the same unit and sit in the same housing together. So changing the transmission fluid in the Spyder is the same as changing the...

Update coming now!

After another long hiatus (sorry guys) Driftopia is coming back online with regular updates. I’m going to begin an update of our hosting services in the morning so we can all enjoy the latest technology that web 3.0 has to offer (:rolleyes) But really just to fix a few bugs the site has been experiencing. In the meantime, here is a nice teaser pic of the new project car, a 2006 Lotus Elise.

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