APR Carbon Fiber Side View Mirror Install (S2000)

Banner image of the apr carbon fiber mirrors

The APR carbon fiber side view mirrors for the Honda S2000 replace the automatic factory units. The APR mirrors offer a slight weight decrease over the factory mirrors and also present less aerodynamic drag. They are also a convex design and offer a nice, wide viewing angle that increases the viewing area around the car. The following is the install guide.

The Install

To install the new mirrors, you will need to first remove the factory mirrors which entails removing the door panels. First, remove the two tabs from the ends of the door handle and then remove the screws. Next, remove the screw from the lock / lever and snake the trim out of the panel. Place your hand along the bottom or edge of the panel and then pull sharply backwards. The panel will “snap” away from the door. Work around the panel, excluding the top, and make sure the bottom and sides are disconnected. Now pull up on the panel and it slide out of the door. Before placing the panel to the side, look behind the panel and disconnect the plugs to the door accessories.

Remove the two screws from the door handle on the honda s2000
Remove the two screws from the door handle.

Image showing the lock / lever trim removed from the honda s2000
Remove this screw and snake the trim off of the handle.

Disconnect these plugs before fully removing the panel from the door.
Before pulling the panel completely away, unplug the door accessories.

Image of the door panel removed from the Honda S2000.
With the panel removed, you will end up with this.

This next step may be optional if you are extremely limber in the wrist area. However, flexibility is not one of my strong suites so I had to move the window track in the door frame to gain access to the (3) bolts that hold the factory mirror in place. First, pull the upper trim away from the door (the trim at the edge where the door meets the windshield pillar) and then peal the small oval black piece off. Remove the two exposed bolts (10mm) and then remove the nut (12mm or 14mm) located next to the
door speaker. Push the lower point inward until the threaded end is inside the door and then pull up on the top of the triangular (top end) piece of the window track. Note that the track will now move up, down, left and right. Adjust the track as needed during the next part to make access to the mirror bolts easy.

Remove the highlighted trim and cover to gain access to the upper window track bolts on the Honda S2000
Pull away the trim and then the black oval piece.

Once the oval piece is removed, the two upper bolts to the window track are exposed.
The upper bolts are exposed once the oval piece is removed.

Remove the lower nut from the window track
Remove this nut to finish disconnecting the window track from the door. Take note of its alignment to make reinstallation easier.

Once disconnected, the window rail can be moved around to make removing the factory mirrors from the honda s2000 a breeze.
Once disconnected, the window track can be moved around to make the next step a breeze.

Locate the opening in the door just below the two bolts that were removed from the upper window track and you will notice three nuts that hold the side view mirror to the door. Using a 10mm socket and extension, loosen and remove these nuts and the side view mirror will pull away from the door. (Note: The ability to slide the window track, as previously described, makes removing the third bolt from this area much easier. However, you may be able to snake a wrench onto the farthest bolt without loosening the track.) Once removed, go ahead and clean the outside area where the mirror attached to the door.

Locate this opening in the door.
Locate the opening (circled) just below the two upper bolts on the window track.

The side view mirror nuts on the Honda S2000
The two nuts (circled) and a third nut (near arrow) hold the factory mirrors to the door.

The S2000’s door with the side view mirror removed.
There will be a ring of dirt around the area where the factory side view mirror sat.

Clean the area around the factory side view mirror on the S2000
Clean the area before installing the APR mirrors.

The APR mirrors are correctly installed in only one way. You will want the mirror arm to be located towards the rear of the car on each side. Once you have determined which side the mirrors go on, insert the mirror base into the factory location and then slide the nylon washers onto the threaded ends from the inside. Then tighten the base to the door using the supplied nuts and a 10mm socket. (Note: Alternately, as this is a difficult area to work in, you can place the nut and nylon washers into the socket and then thread them onto the base together.) Once installed, remove the screw from the end of the mirror arm (allen head) and slide the actual mirror onto the arm. Reinstall the screw to tighten the mirror in place.

The APR side view mirror base attached to the passenger’s side of the Honda S2000
This image shows the base of the APR mirror attached to the passenger’s side door. Note that the mirror arm is towards the rear of the car.

The mirror attached to the mirror arm on the APR carbon fiber side view mirrors on the Honda S2000
The mirror slides onto the arm and secured by the screw.

At this point, if you have dropped any nuts or bolts inside the door frame, remove the door speaker and retrieve them.

Honda S2000 door speaker removal.
To retrieve any fallen bolts, remove the four screws and pull the speaker out of the door frame.

The door speaker removed from the S2000
Any hardware dropped in the door frame can be easily retrieved here.

Finishing Up

The process to install each side is identical so once the new mirrors are in place, go ahead and reattach the window track (if you moved it) to its mounting points. Once attached, verify that the windows edge fits inside the rubber on the track and then tighten the track in place in the same manner it was originally in. Before reattaching the door panel, attach the corner trim, near the top of the track and verify that the door shuts with ease. Loosely place the door panel in place and attach the door accessories to their plugs. Check the window switch operation and then press the panel back into place. (Hammer it along the edge with a closed fist and it will pop into place. Finally, reinstall the two screws on the door handle and then the single screw with trim on the lock / lever.

Adjusting the Mirrors

To adjust the mirrors, sit in the driver’s seat and have a friends stand at each mirror and move then to your preferred location. Once satisfied, lock the rotation of the mirror by tightening the allen screw on the top and the lock the arm pivot by tightening the hex nut at the base.

Tighten the mirrors in place at these two points.
Once adjusted, tighten the mirrors in place at these two points.

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