MEV Exocet: Introducing the New Track Car

Background This last year I spent countless track days pushing project Lotus Elise as much as possible; and as much as the Lotus shines on the track I have yearned for something more raw, more simplistic and as anyone with a Lotus knows, easier to work on and more importantly, less fragile. At first I thought of building another dedicated track car in the same manner as project 240sx but as I...

Lotus Elise Larini Decat and Club Sport Exhaust (6in)

The Larini decat and club sport exhaust serves two purposes on project Lotus Elise. For starters, this combo along with the rear panel delete can easily yield weight reduction values approaching 25 lbs. The other purpose is to wake up the exhaust on the Elise because frankly, a car like this needs to be heard. Now what you won’t hear me talking about is power gains because the Lotus...

Lotus Elise Jack Stand Guide (The “Step” Method)

This guide is a prerequisite for many of the Lotus tutorials on this site. Placing the Lotus Elise on jack stands is a little trickier than most production cars. Due to the Elise’s design and flat underbody there are really only 8 designated “safe” lift points. Also, since the Elise has an extremely stiff chassis, I have found that a “stepping” method is the safest procedure to place the...


This FAQ is a general reference for those interested in the CA18DET swap. What is the difference between a front clip and a motorset? What are the specs of the CA18DET? What additional parts are needed if I ordered a motorset? How do I wire the motor? What gauge cluster can I use? What motor mounts can I use? What turbos can I use? What is clocking the turbo and how is it done? Where can I find...

CA18 Power Up by High Performance Imports

I found these scans the other day at (link coming). They are scans from High Performance Imports, a Euro car magazine, and they offer a lot of info on the CA18DET.

CA18 Shakedown by High Performance Imports

I found these scans the other day at (link coming). Looks like they were scanned from High Performance Imports. a Euro car magazine. It is a very nice read for anyone interested in the CA18DET.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 16)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index Today a new battery box was fabbed. I originally placed it on the frame rail but the clearances were a little too tight. It was relocated to the factory position. I also made a new mounting bracket for the liquid intercooler and went ahead and plumbed the heat exchanger back it. I plan on running this system for intercooling until I get the water...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 15)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

With the engine reinstalled, I reinstalled the intake manifold and accessories as well as the wiring harness. A new radiator complete with an internal oil cooler was also thrown in for good measure.

Project 240sx Overhaul (Day 14)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

The motor and transmission have been prepped and reinstalled in the engine bay.

Project 240sx Overhaul (Day 13)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

This one took a little bit of doing but the rear sheetmetal was cut out of the trunk to make room for an aluminum fuel cell.

NOPI Drift St. Louis (2008)

As I said on the news page, the 2008 Nopi Drift event in St. Louis Missouri was somewhat of a let down this year. Given, the event was larger than last year which was great but unfortunately, the layout was also changed and really separated the spectators from the action. However, this was more than likely due to the management at Gateway International Speedway but I will explain none the less...

Tein Pillow Ball Camber Adjustable Mounts for the Nissan 240sx

This is a companion (and continuation) of the Tein Basic Coilover Install. In this guide I will demonstrate the simple steps needed to install the camber adjustable pillow ball mounts to the front coilovers in the Tein basic kit. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and read the first guide (link above) and then we’ll jump right in. The Tein pillow ball coilover mounts are a high...

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