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It’s the summer of 2008 and the country is going bananas over gas prices. And with the cost of gas increasing on a daily basis, there is an ever growing outcry for more fuel efficient vehicles. As a result, the tuner crowd is beginning to look toward fuel efficiency in combination with power as the hallmark of the next generation of street machines.

On this page you will be able to view the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) of project MR2 Spyder based on the non-scientific method of dividing the amount of miles driven between fill ups by the amount of gas added. This yields an accurate enough result to determine how the MPG of the Spyder changes as the car’s performance is enhanced.

And finally, I will employ several strategies dealing with weight, gearing, cruising and engine management that should shift the balance in my favor. So stay current on the car’s level of tune by checking out the Project MR2 Spyder and MR2 Spyder Tech areas of the site.

MR2 Spyder MPG (Mile Per Gallon) Chart

Note: The MR2 Spyder is my commuter and as such it sees a variety of driving conditions daily. Everything from highway cruising, stop and go traffic and the more than occasional trip to redline should make this chart a very close approximation to real world driving conditions.

Date Price Per Gallon ** Miles Driven Since Last Fill Up Current Fill Up (Gallons In) MPG = (Miles Driven Since Last Fill Up / Current Fill Up ( Gallons In))
10/11/08 3.219 352.4 mi 10.386 gal 33.93 MPG
10/07/08 3.600 326.9 mi 10.421 gal 31.37 MPG
9/25/08 3.679 332 mi 10.431 gal 31.83 MPG
9/10/08 3.579 337.2 mi 10.920 gal 30.88 MPG
9/04/08 3.579 337.1 mi 10.753 gal 31.35 MPG
8/29/08 3.479 336.3 mi 10.897 gal 30.86 MPG
8/25/08 3.479 329.7 mi 9.981 gal 33.03 MPG
8/18/08 3.569 337.8 mi 10.948 gal 30.85 MPG
8/12/08 3.619 312.7 mi 10.412 gal 30.03 MPG
7/30/08 3.899 320.2 mi 9.900 gal 32.34 MPG
7/24/08 3.959 331.4 mi 10.352 gal 32.01 MPG
7/16/08 4.049 326.6 mi 10.051 gal 32.49 MPG
7/11/08 4.019 323.4 mi 10.395 gal 31.11 MPG
7/05/08 4.059 345.2 mi 10.659 gal 32.39 MPG
6/29/08 3.99 351.6 mi 11.01 gal 31.93 MPG
6/23/08 3.99 354.7 mi 10.71 gal 33.12 MPG
6/17/08 4.191 309.5 mi 10.949 gal 28.27 MPG *
* The low MPG in the row above may have been cause by switching octane grades from 93 to 91 and the ECU adjusting or some other unknown factors.
6/9/08 ** 328.2 mi 10.215 gal 32.13 MPG
6/2/08 ** 346.6 mi 10.461 gal 33.13 MPG
5/28/08 ** 347.0 mi 11.048 gal 31.41 MPG

* Placed next to MPG, a “*” indicates a note below the row that describes what may have caused a value to increase or decrease away from the norm.

** I will include the price per gallon when available. (That means I forget to record the price sometimes.)

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