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DIY 1.6L NA Miata Short Ram Cold Side Intake

Cover image for the cold side na miata intake.

I wanted to simplify the intake path on the Miata as soon as I converted it to Super Touring 6. After fruitless research yielded conflicting results and very little non-anecdotal data, I decided to hack my own system together. The result is the shortest intake possible while retaining the factory...

What is Driftopia?

Feature image for what is driftopia?

I find it hard to believe, but I have been here for two decades, writing about my passion for motorsports. Am I getting old(er)? While this site has ebbed and flowed with the ups and downs of my journey, one thing remains constant: this will always be the original/OG Driftopia. I say that because...

Making a Tube Bender Stand (Out of an Old Engine Stand)

The JD2 Model 3 mounted to the Harbor Freight engine stand.

Mechanical tube benders need to be mounted securely to the floor for operation. Typically, a hammer drill and concrete anchors are used to secure the mount to the floor. This time, though, with the JD2 bender being converted to hydraulic, I am free to mount the bender in a mobile configuration...

Driver Cooling and How to Stay Cool in the Racecar

Three 944 Spec racers celebrating on the podium at Circuit of the Americas.

Racing doesn’t just happen on the track; much preparation goes into each event. But if you can’t stay cool in the racecar, no amount of physical or mental prep will salvage your results. Overheating in the racecar can lead to poor performance and results, unnecessary incidents, DNFs...

NOCO NLP30: The Budget, Lightweight Lithium-ion Racecar Battery

NOCO NLP9 lithium-ion battery next to the factory spec lead-acid miata battery.

The old adage goes something like this: You can build your car fast, cheap, and reliable. Now, pick two. This principle seems to hold true with racecars and most things in life. But occasionally, a product comes along that seems to laugh in the face of this principle. I actually got excited when I...

NA Miata MX-5 Front Wheel Bearing / Hub Assembly Replacement

The new front hub assembly was installed on the NA Miata MX-5.

In the previous Failure Points segment, I discussed a recent front wheel bearing failure on the Super Touring 6 Miata. This failure was abrupt, and there was no indication of issues before the session. And as promised, here are the steps to replace the front wheel bearings on the Miata. A...

Failure Points: NA Miata Front Wheel Bearing

Crushed ball bearings from the NA Miata racecar wheel bearing.

The harsh environment of the racetrack pushes a car right to its limit and beyond. As such, racecar failures are bound to happen in many different ways. Failure Points is a new series that dissects these moments and what to do when things go wrong. This time it is the front wheel bearing of the...


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