CategorySpec Miata – 1991 Mazda Miata

Welcome Back to NOLA Motorsports Park

Screenshot from inside the car at NOLA Motorsports Park.

NOLA Motorsports Park is one of my favorite tracks that no one knows about. It’s long, rough, scrappy, and flat, built in the swamp south of New Orleans proper in Westwego, Louisianna. Perhaps it’s a little too far for most, located in a racetrack desert. Or maybe the variable weather...

Trying Not to Finish Last at NCM

Bump drafting the 944 Spec in the Spec Miata at NCM.

Last place, or almost last, we’ve all been there. At one time, it was a lack of experience. Other times I can point the finger at good ol’ bad luck. And now, it’s an issue I haven’t faced in a while, a lack of equipment.

Miss Shifting my Way to Second at Nashville Superspeedway

I’ve moved out of the Mid-South to the beautiful ‘mountains’ of Northern Alabama. But, I’m still close enough to call the Mid-South region with the National Auto Sport Association home. Making the Nashville Superspeedway (NSS) event in … Nashville, TN … my first...

Back to Barber 2022

I’ve said it a hundred times before but I’ve been very busy lately. Busier than usual actually. So busy in fact, that I am surprised I’ve had a race season at all. Let alone changing series mid-season.


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The Crew @ Memphis International Raceway