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Exo Car “Ghettocet” Build Guide: Part 3 – Separation Anxiety

The subframe and drivetrain removed as a single piece from the 1991 NA Mazda Miata.

I decided to go ahead and remove the subframe from the chassis. This is a pretty straight forward process in the Miata and will give me easier access to everything when I finish the chassis prep and install the roll cage. However, due to my limited work area, I did have to get a little creative.

Exo Car “Ghettocet” Build Guide: Part 1 – Disassembly

Pile of parts removed from the NA Miata during the Exo Car Build Guide Part 1-Disassembly

In part 1 of the exo car build guide, I disassemble anything that bolts to the Miata. This would be the interior, dash, seats, doors, soft top, and trunk along with anything else that removes semi easily. And where last time I said, ‘this is going to be a lot of fun.’ This time I realized, ‘this is going to be a lot of work!’

Exo Car “Ghettocet” Build Guide: Introduction

Example of a well build exo car aka ghettocet

I love junkyard builds and I have always subscribed to the do more with less methodology. So building an exo car is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It’s also an excuse for me to brush up on some old skills and hone some new ones.

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