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MR2 Spyder Speed Source Solid Shifter Bushing Install

Introduction What Speed Source offers with their solid aluminum shifter bushings is nothing short of amazing when you realize just how profoundly these bushings alter the feel of the Spyder. By replacing the factory rubber bushings with solid aluminum units, the Speed Source bushings banish the spongy, lacking feel of the factory shifter. The shifter now exhibits the urgent, mechanical feel it...

MR2 Spyder Transmission Fluid Change

Introduction Let’s start with semantics. With the mid-engined, transversely mounted Spyder, you basically have a fwd Corolla engine sitting behind the passenger compartment driving the rear wheels. This means the transmission and differential are part of the same unit and sit in the same housing together. So changing the transmission fluid in the Spyder is the same as changing the...

Update coming now!

After another long hiatus (sorry guys) Driftopia is coming back online with regular updates. I’m going to begin an update of our hosting services in the morning so we can all enjoy the latest technology that web 3.0 has to offer (:rolleyes) But really just to fix a few bugs the site has been experiencing. In the meantime, here is a nice teaser pic of the new project car, a 2006 Lotus Elise.

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