MR2 Spyder Speed Source Solid Shifter Bushing Install


What Speed Source offers with their solid aluminum shifter bushings is nothing short of amazing when you realize just how profoundly these bushings alter the feel of the Spyder. By replacing the factory rubber bushings with solid aluminum units, the Speed Source bushings banish the spongy, lacking feel of the factory shifter. The shifter now exhibits the urgent, mechanical feel it was meant for.

The Speed Source aluminum shifter base bushings.


  • short or angled philips head screwdriver
  • 12mm socket with extensions


Installing the new bushings is very straight forward so I will just point out a few things before jumping right to the images. First, you will need a very short or angled phillips head screwdriver to remove the 4 screws that hold the center console in place. The rear screws are easy to get to when the seats are moved forward. However, the fronts can be a little tricky without the right tool. Also, be sure to disconnect the two window switch plugs located underneath the console before pulling the console out completely. And finally, the stock rubber bushings are very easy to pry out with the screw driver, just make sure that when you install the solid bushings that the tapered end of each bushing piece faces the plastic shifter base on the top or bottom.


Unscrew the shift knob from the shifter.
Locate and remove the forward screws on each side of the center console.
Locate and remove the aft screws on each side of the center console.
Remove the 4 bolts from the shift cradle with the 12mm socket.
The factory bushings are rubber with steel sleeve inserts.
The Speed Source bushings are two piece billet aluminum units. Note the bushing to the left with the bolt. When installing the new bushings they should sit as pictured with the tapered ends facing each other. (as these will sandwich the shifter base when installed)


The tapered edges of each bushing face the plastic shift base on both the top and bottom. The 12mm bolts then secure the base back to the car.


To finish, simply reconnect the window switches and then reinstall the center console. And mods don’t get much easier than this but damn do these bushings make a huge difference in the shift feel.

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