NASA 944 Spec Road Racing: The Clumsy Cow at Autobahn Country Club (August 2018)

So I had this crazy idea to get some last minute seat time before nationals next month. Seeing as the Mid South region is on summer break and the Southeast was racing at CMP I set my sight’s North to find something a little closer. Luckily, I found a race with the Great Lakes Region with some very competitive 944 Spec drivers only 8 hours away. Thus the trek to Autobahn Country Club...

NASA 944Spec Road Racing: Turn 7 Girl Memorial Road Atlanta 2018

Road Atlanta is a special place for me. It is a litmus test of sorts, with lots of competitive drivers. The track is also very demanding and very rewarding to race. This is my second time as a racer at Road Atlanta and it is amazing the difference time and practice makes. I found the track exhilarating instead of scary this time and put some pressure on the local talent during the two, very...

Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

Way off topic but I want to share a little love for my favorite book of all time. Part 1 of the Atlas Shrugged movie premiering April 15th, 2011. Visit the Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Web Site!

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 24)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index I had a change of heart on the exhaust routing and fabricated a new downpipe/uppipe that utilizes the RSR exhaust.  The exhaust now routes along the stock path and retains the high flow catco 3in catalyst.  2-1/2in pipe runs from the turbo a 3in section where the exhaust and wastegate gasses merge.  This should help quite things down and flow...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 23)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index Things are starting to wind down with project 240sx and as any project builder knows, a bunch of miscellaneous things are starting to crop up. Recently, a mount to secure the throttle cable on the top mount manifold was fabricated as well as new radiator lines for the new 3in core, custom hard lines for valve cover venting and a new downpipe that...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 18)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

Here we have the mock-up of the new manifold I am making. It basically borrows a few ideas from both the log and equal length manifold designs to make what will be a very responsive manifold that won’t suffer in higher rpm ranges. And don’t worry, the finished product will be much prettier.


This FAQ is a general reference for those interested in the CA18DET swap. What is the difference between a front clip and a motorset? What are the specs of the CA18DET? What additional parts are needed if I ordered a motorset? How do I wire the motor? What gauge cluster can I use? What motor mounts can I use? What turbos can I use? What is clocking the turbo and how is it done? Where can I find...


We all draw lines for ourselves and I knew that I was crossing one when I bought a welder. It seems to be an unspoken code among enthusiasts but an untrained welder and a project car do not a match make. And quite quickly, I realized that I was in way over my head. But as with pretty much everything in life, we can choose to sink or swim. I chose the latter. The decision to start welding was an...

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