Apex Pro – A Racer’s Perspective

The Apex Pro is a pretty cool piece of kit in the driver aid market. As a standalone device, it measures the car’s performance against it’s potential and flashes a series of lights to give the driver real-time feedback. When combined with your iPhone or iPod the Apex becomes a powerful data acquisition tool.

2007 Mustang GT – Hypertech vs Diablosport Predator (Drag, Drive, Dyno)

Let the games begin, the utilitarian Hypertech is ready to face off against the eloquent Diablosport Predator. Add one part extravert, an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time and if it exists, a gene for luck, and you’ve got my older brother. And this time he’s scored a free tuner from Hypertech to be used in his 2007 Mustang GT. All he has to do is let them do a...

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