NOCO NLP30: The Budget, Lightweight Lithium-ion Racecar Battery

NOCO NLP9 lithium-ion battery next to the factory spec lead-acid miata battery.

The old adage goes something like this: You can build your car fast, cheap, and reliable. Now, pick two. This principle seems to hold true with racecars and most things in life. But occasionally, a product comes along that seems to laugh in the face of this principle. I actually got excited when I...

Apex Pro – A Racer’s Perspective

The Apex Pro is a pretty cool piece of kit in the driver aid market. As a standalone device, it measures the car’s performance against it’s potential and flashes a series of lights to give the driver real-time feedback. When combined with your iPhone or iPod the Apex becomes a powerful...


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The Crew @ Memphis International Raceway