Part 2: Reintroducing Project S2000 (Change of Plans and More Power)


Header image for part 2 of project s2000.

Change of Plans

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and that is exactly what happened with Part 1: of project S2000. Project S2000 is owned by Rio-S2k in the forums and we thought long and hard about turning his car into a dedicated drift car and we both came to the conclusion that it is just not worth it. To make the S2000 a truly competitive drift car would sacrifice a lot of the characteristics that make this car such a joy in the first place. With that said, Project S2000 is being rededicated as an all around street and track car. Now that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to participate in the occasional drift event, it just means the car is being built for what it was meant for, some serious track action. Or more specifically, the S2000 is being built for maximum performance on the track while maintaining proper street manners for daily driving.

More Power

The S2000 is no slouch by any means but sometimes things just fall in your lap. That is why you now see a Comptech Supercharger lovingly pressurizing the intake manifold. This kit was purchased used for $1500 from an individual looking to trade their own S2K for a 350Z. As it sits now, project S2000 runs a stage 1 Comptech kit at 6psi, non-aftercooled. This combo offers a slight boost in torque down low and then above 4000rpm the engine just explodes while the power delivery remains very tractable. Fuel is handled by a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and a walbro 255 fuel pump while a boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and external oil cooler are in place to keep everything in check. Next up will be the addition of a 10lb pulley, intercooler, larger injectors and engine management. In the meantime, be sure to check out the install guides on all of the new parts.

Project S2000 went from this:

Jpeg of the S2000 with the intake box and itr brace installed.

To this:

Finished image of the comptech stage one centrifugal supercharger install on the honda s2000

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