Honda S2000 Gauge Pod Install (Pillar Pod)

Jpg image of the pillar pod installed on the Honda S2000

To complement project S2000’s newly pressurized intake manifold, the addition of a few aftermarket gauges are being added to help keep tabs on the motor. But first, a place is needed to locate the first two gauges so in comes the pillar mounted gauge pod. The pod chosen is made specifically for the Honda S2000 and replaces the factory driver’s side pillar.

(Note:  This procedure is for installing the pod only.  Individual gauge installs will be covered separately.)


First remove the factory pillar from the driver’s side.  Start at the top seam of the pillar (next to the visor) and pry the pillar downward.  The pillar will begin to snap out of place and you can then trace the seam downward until the pillar is fully disconnected.

Jpg image of the factory pillar on the Honda S2000
The factory driver’s side pillar.

Jpg image of the factory pillar removed from the Honda S2000
The driver’s side with the factory pillar removed.

Now the new gauge pod needs to be prepared by drilling 2 small holes near the top of the pod.  These holes will be used to thread a zip tie through the pod and the remaining top trim to secure the pod in place.  Once the holes are drilled, insert the lower portion of the new pod into the side of the dash and then loosely thread the zip tie through the two small holes and the 2 gaps on the top trim.  (see images below)  Then tighten the zip tie while tucking the edge of the new pod under the window trim.

Jpg image showing the 2 holes drilled to secure the new gauge pod to the Honda S2000.
Notice the 2 holes drilled in the top of the gauge pod.  The zip ties threads through these holes and the two largeropening in the factory upper trim.

Jpg image of the zip tie fully securing the gauge pod on the Honda S2000
Notice that he fully tightened zip tie holds the pod securely in place.  The edge of the pod should tuck under the window trim.

Jpg image of the new gauge pod installed on the Honda S2000.
Another image of the installed gauge pod on the S2000.

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