MR2 Spyder Front Lower Chassis Brace Install (Che’s Front Brace)


Jpg header image of the che brace installed on the MR2 Spyder

From the factory, the front of the MR2 Spyder has two braces that connect the frame rail on each side to the front cross member on the under side of the car. These two braces (or bars) reduce the flex in the front of the chassis in a fore and aft direction. However, this is one particular area on the chassis that could really benefit from lateral bracing so in comes Che’s Front Lower Brace. This unit replaces the two factory bars with a cross braced piece that not only provides the factory fore and aft bracing but also the desired side-to-side or lateral bracing. In effect, this unit adds 2 extra vectors of resistance to flex over the stock units while retaining the same weight as the two piece factory bracing.

Remove the Factory Bracing

It is up to you whether or not to lift the front of the car on ramps but in this install this is not necessary if you don’t mind putting your back on the floor. So with the car parked on level ground, look under the front and find the two bars, one on each side, that run from the frame rail to the front cross-member. Remove the 4 17mm bolts that hold the bars in place. (Set the bolts aside for reuse.)

Jpg image from the underside showing the factory front brace on the mr2 spyder
Remove the bar (pictured) by unbolting the 17mm bolt on the frame rail and the bolt on the front cross-member. Repeat process on the bar on the other side.

Jpg image showing a stock view of the two factory front lower braces on the mr2 spyder
A top view showing the two factory braces.

Jpg image showing the stock front lower braces on the mr2 spyder removed from the car.
The factory braces (bars) removed from the car.

Install the Front Lower Chassis Brace (Che’s Brace)

The new underside brace is quite easy to install and bolts to the same points the factory bars did. Slide the new brace under the car and loosely attach the rear to each frame rail. Then swivel the brace upwards and attach the front of the brace to the front cross-member. Finally, using a 17mm wrench (torque wrench preferable), tighten the bolts all the way down in an alternating pattern, taking care not to over tighten.

Jpg showing che’s underbody brace for the mr2 spyder
The Che’s brace can only install one way but just for reference, the tapered end is the front. Also, as pictured, this brace is facing bottom side up so it will need to be flipped before installation.

Jpg of the che brace installed on the MR2 Spyder
The Che’s brace installs in the same position as the factory bars. It is easiest to install the rear first and then rotate the front into position.

Jpg of the Che brace (top view)installed on the mr2 spyder mr-s
Another image (top view) of the brace installed.

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