Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 7)


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Today was spent on a lot of loose ends. With the front and rear subframes removed, I went ahead and cleaned the members and then applied a rust converter / proofer. Once dry I added a base black coat and then gloss coat and then installed the new solid subframe bushings. A general “hardening” up of the chassis and suspension components was the main goal of this process. I am fortunate enough to have virtually no rust on my car and I intend to keep it that way. I also began applying a fresh rubberized undercoat to the car and began the engine bay prep. The wheel wells are also being rubberized to prevent any chance of corrosion in the future.

image of the removed subframe from the s13 nissan 240sx

The cleaned subframe on the Nissan 240sx S13

The subframe from the nissan 240sx prepped, painted and with the new bushings installed.

image of the engine bay being prepped

image of the rubberized wheel well on the s13 240sx

another image of the rubberized wheel well on the 240sx

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