Tein Pillow Ball Camber Adjustable Mounts for the Nissan 240sx

This is a companion (and continuation) of the Tein Basic Coilover Install. In this guide I will demonstrate the simple steps needed to install the camber adjustable pillow ball mounts to the front coilovers in the Tein basic kit. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and read the first guide (link above) and then we’ll jump right in.

The Tein pillow ball mounts are high quality camber adjustable mounts for the Tein coilovers.
The Tein pillow ball coilover mounts are a high quality camber adjustable mount.


Installing these mounts on the Tein coilovers is very easy. First, both front coilovers will need to be removed from the car and since we won’t work underneath the car in the guide, a hydraulic floor jack will work just fine. Simply lift the front wheels off the ground by jacking the front up by the front crossmember. Once lifted, remove the wheels. Next, use the two Tein coilover wrenchs and loosen and then lower the two locking rings on each coilover. Since we aren’t working with the factory springs anymore, you won’t need to use any spring compressors or special precautions. The design of the Tein coilovers allow the springs to be lowered to a point in which they are no longer compressed. (Lower the springs until they are no longer contacting the spring perch.) And then, just like in the original guide, remove the brake line from the coilover by popping the clip off and then remove the two bolts (17mm) that connect the bottom of the coilover to the knuckle spindle. Finally, remove the three nuts that hold the coilover to the strut towers and and set the coilover aside. Repeat on the other side.

Referring to the image below, attach one of the Tein wrenches to the spring collar (1) and then remove the mounting nut (2) using a 17mm socket. Once removed the old mounts will slide off of the coilover.

The Tein basic coilovers with the factory rubber mounts installed.
Place the Tein wrench on the spring collar (1) to prevent spinning when removing the mounting nut (2).

The Tein basic coilovers with the factory rubber mounts removed.
Once the mounting nut is removed, the factory rubber mounts will slide off of the coilovers.

Now place the bearing, the new pillow ball mount and the new nut onto the Tein coilover in the listed order. Once loosely tightened, use the Tein wrench to stabilize the spring collar and then tighten down the new mounting bolt. Then reinstall the newly assembled coilover in the reverse order as removal. Finally, tighten the spring collars back down to your desired level. (Simple isn’t it. And as for adjustments, I will discuss setting up the suspension in a follow up article once I get used to the new set up.)

The new Tein camber adjustable pillow ball mounts installed on the Tein basic coilovers.
The pillow ball mounts installed on the Tein basic coilovers.

The Tein basic coilovers reinstalled on the 240sx with the camber adjustable pillow ball mounts.
You can now adjust the camber using the allen key provided with the mounts.

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