The Obituary of Project 240sx


Now that I’ve shed my lackadaisical ways of the last two years its time I address the elephant in the room. Project 240sx is officially and completely dead and let’s just say I have mixed emotions about the whole sordid turn of events. Project 240sx didn’t go out in the blaze of glory I had always wished. Oh no, in fact my forth iteration of the phoenix rising lanquished in my new backyard, out of my direct sight, slowly rotting from the inside out. And the cause of this horrendous turn of events was none other than the newest addition to our family, or as she shall affectionately be called from here to eternity, “Little Satan.”

“Little Satan” is the most destructive of natural forces known to man. “Little Satan” is a 30 pound abandoned pitbull-terrier mix that I picked up on the side of the road on the way home from the office. “Little Satan” gets into your heart and from that moment Project 240sx was doomed. Or to be more blunt, this damned dog that I rescued out of the kindness of my heart tore the tarp off of the partially primered bare chassis 240sx in my backyard where it was exposed to the elements for over a month and her ally rust had its way with my undefended friend.

This is Ginger, the destroyer of project 240sx.
This is Ginger, the destroyer of project 240sx.


So what you see here is the end result of what was a very ambitious project. What was supposed to be a masterpiece on the track. And what was ruined by my neglect.

And if you’ve ever wondered, because I know you all have, can a 240sx fit into the back of a Ford F150? Why yes it can. When you have to cut it up into pieces to take it to the scrapyard because you had to convert your double gate to a single to meet your new neighborhoods building codes.

In case you were wondering, yes a 240sx chassis will fit in the back of a Ford F150.
In case you were wondering, yes a 240sx chassis will fit in the back of a Ford F150.

But we can cry me a river right because eventhough Project 240sx is dead, it has been replaced by Project Elise.

P.S. For anyone wondering, “Little Satan” still has a loving home, she is just watched much more closely around important things.

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