NOPI Drift St. Louis (2008)


As I said on the news page, the 2008 Nopi Drift event in St. Louis Missouri was somewhat of a let down this year. Given, the event was larger than last year which was great but unfortunately, the layout was also changed and really separated the spectators from the action. However, this was more than likely due to the management at Gateway International Speedway but I will explain none the less. Last year, the event was held on the standard figure eight course that was constructed in the middle of the main parking lot. There was a single set of barricades set up around the track which meant the spectators could get right up on the the action. But this year, the event was held on the main track around portions of the road course. Not only did this put the event farther away but spectators were placed behind two sets of barricades with two rows of chain link fencing. And to top it off, no one was allowed at the top of the bleachers because there was a Harley event going on at the same time and they didn’t want anyone who paid for the drifting event to be able to view the Harley event. C’mon, like anyone there for the NOPI event gave a “expletive deleted” about the Harley convention. So the following is some of the better pictures I obtained during the event. You will notice a distinct absence of action shots due to the difficulties involved in actually viewing the event.

By 240am

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