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Part Deux: Swapping in the CA18DET

Background For most the formula is simple, stock motors are replaced with SR20DET’s. End of discussion. But then you have the guys that do things different. There are the RB guys, the KA-T guys and finally the CA18DET guys. So why, when the majority says SR20DET would this car receive a CA18DET, a motor already down .2 liters and almost 20 hp to its younger brother? Although reasons vary...

Part 1: Locating the Perfect Chassis

As gear-heads, we all get the itch. It starts innocently enough. A fleeting thought of grandeur, of building something unique, something powerful and yet simple. Over the course of the day these thoughts begin to dance around in your head, growing and multiplying until they pervade every waking thought. And then the research begins. You spend more hours on ebay auto and the classifieds then you...

About the Author:

Chris Simmons is a race car driver, instructor, business owner and all around gearhead. His passion for motorsport started in the drifting community and progressed into wheel to wheel racing of all kinds. When off track Chris can be found training and working on a myriad of projects. After a hiatus from writing, he is back to share his passion, knowledge and experience in regard to motorsports on and off the track.

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