Part 1: Introducing the Honda S2000 Drift Car

Image of the Honda S2000 drift car in stock form.

Now why would you take one of the best handling production cars ever made and make it slide? I have found myself asking that question lately. Maybe it is because I like a challenge, maybe it is because I will try to drift anything or maybe it is because this is my brother’s car and like me, he loves all motorsports but drifting seems to hold that special place above all of the rest. Regardless, he and I thought long and hard about this and although the S2000 has several characteristics that would make most shy away from drifting it, we came to the conclusion that if properly engineered, the S2000 will not only drift, but it will drift well. Where the S2000 takes its main divergence from “driftiness” is in it’s balance. The S2000 is technically a mid-engine car and mid-engine cars are notorious for being hard to drift. Anyone who has ever owned a MR car knows all too well the “joys” of snap oversteer.

With that said the plan of attack will include reducing and shifting the weight of the S2000 chassis around by removing a significant amount of weight from the rear to shift the weight distribution towards the front. At the end the curb weight should hover around 2500lbs which is down 300+ from factory trim. We will also address the wheels and suspension and then finally the drivetrain and motor.

2005 S2000 Specs:

  • 2,157 cc 2.2 liters in-line 4 front engine with 87 mm bore, 90.7 mm stroke, 11.1 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder
  • Premium unleaded fuel 91
  • Fuel Economy: EPA highway (mpg): 25 and EPA city (mpg): 20
  • Multi-point injection fuel system
  • 13.2 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank
  • Power: 240 HP SAE @ 7,800 rpm; 162 ft lb @ 6,500 rpm
  • Weights: curb weight (lbs) 2,835
  • External dimensions: overall length (inches): 162.2, overall width (inches): 68.9, overall height (inches): 50
  • Wheelbase (inches): 94.5, front track (inches): 57.9, rear track (inches): 59.4 and
  • Curb to curb turning circle (feet): 35.4
  • Four-wheel ABS
  • Four disc brakes including two ventilated discs
  • Rear limited slip differential
  • Spacesaver steel rim internal spare wheel
  • Wishbone front and rear suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs

Check out the gallery for more pics!

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