T1R X-Brace Installation (Honda S2000)


The T1R X-brace installed on the Honda S2000.

The T1R X-brace is a strut tower brace that has a lower x member that ties the tops of the strut towers to the steering rack on the Honda S2000. This brace effectively locks the front of the chassis which sharpens steering response and feedback.


First, park the car on level ground, raise the hood and remove the intake box by removing the bolts and clips around it’s base. Now locate the two bolts on the steering rack and remove them with a 14mm socket. Next place the cross member of the x-brace in position over the steering rack and use the two bolts to secure the cross brace to the rack.

Image showing the intake box removed from the Honda S2000.

Removing the intake box isn’t required but it takes literally 1 minute and will give you much more room to work.

The 2 bolts on the steering rack need to be removed in order to install the cross member on the T1R brace for the S2000

Remove the circled bolt and then follow the arrow along to rack to the identical bolt hiding under the solenoid in this picture.

Next remove the two nuts from each strut tower and then place the strut bar over the strut mounts. A little whack with a mallet on the top of the bar can help get the mounts to sit right if they won’t go on all the way. Now tighten the bar to the strut mounts by reinstalling the nuts onto each strut. (See pics below) Once tightened, use the supplied bolts to attach the cross brace to the strut bar and then tighten everything down. Once don, reinstall your air intake and go for a spin.
Image showing the strut bar brace of the t1r x-brace connected to the crossmember on the Honda S2000.

This images illustrates how everything mates up.

Side view of the T1R x-brace installed on the 2005 Honda S2000.

Side view of the Honda S2000 T1R X-brace.

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