Deciphering 240sx lingo. (Chuki’s, Kouki’s, Silvia’s and Zenki’s Ohh My!)


New to 240’s and trying to figure out why no one actually refers to their car as a 240sx. This list should help you out.

S13 = 1989 – 1994 240SX (Available as Hatchback or Coupe)

A 1989 to 1990 S13 is referred to as a Zenki. (Zenki means preceding period or first in Japanese) Zenki S13’s came with the KA24E in the US and the CA18DET for the world market. Zenki S13’s are often referred to by the term Pignose, describing their front bumper.
Image of a Zenki S13 240sx, aka Pignose
This is a Zenki S13 Hatchback a.k.a “pignose”

A 1991 to 1994 S13 is referred to as a Chuki. (Chuki means middle period in Japanese) Chuki S13’s came with the KA24DE in the US and the SR series motors in the world market.

Image showing project ca18det pre swap which happens to also be a s13 Chuki coupe.
This is project ca18det when it was stock. It is a Chuki S13 Coupe. Notice the difference in the front bumper.

S14 = 1994 – 1998 (Coupe only)

The 1995 to 1996 S14 is called a Zenki. (The preceding meaning is used again.) Zenki S14’s include a KA24DE motor in the US and the SR series motors in the world market.

Image of a Zenki S14
This is a S14 Zenki.

The 1997 to 1998 S14 is called a Kouki, which means latter period in Japanese. Once again a Kouki S14 comes with a KA24DE in the US and the SR series motors in the world market.

The S14 Kouki has the slanted headlights.
The S14 Kouki has the slanted headlights.

S15 = 1999 – 2002 (Never sold in the US)

S15 240sx

Ahh, the S15, never sold in the US but that doesn’t mean you can’t import one.

And a few more terms (Silvia and Sileighty)

A Silvia is a USDM S13 coupe with a JDM front end. The Sileighty is simply a hatchback S13 with the JDM front end. The 180sx is what the US market, pop-up headlight equipped S13 is referred to in the Japanese market. It was called the 200sx abroad.

Nissan S13 Silvia.
The JDM S13 front end had fixed projector style headlights instead of the US market pop up variant.

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