CA18DET Water/Methanol Injection Progress Pics


This page highlights the progression of the CA18DET swapped 240sx’s water/methanol injection install. Future tutorials will be appended when the project is complete. Images are from newest to oldest. To view the pics in order, start at the bottom.

Image showing the T3 compressor before water injection
This image is here to show what the compressor blades looked like before water injection. I’ve decided to use placement #4 from this picture which will inject the water pre-turbo. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not this causes damage to the turbo (will be covered in the tech article) so the above pic is for a future comparison.

Another angle showing the recirculated BOV on the ca18det.
This is another angle showing the recirculated BOV. The red hose will be replaced with a hard line.

The ssqv bov is recirculated into the new cold air intake on the ca18det.
The SSQV blow off valve (BOV) is recirculated from the new charge pipe and enters the new cold air intake (CAI) at an angle to reduce turbulence. Note that the engine bay is starting to look a lot less cluttered.

Image showing the possible water injection locations for the ca18det.
This image shows the possible water injection locations on the ca18det. #3 and #4 air the two I will be dealing with and they will both be discussed in the installation guide.

The new intake draws in fresh air from behind the bumper on the 240sx.
Since removing the maze of piping required for the front mount intercooler (FMIC) I now have enough room to fabricate a true cold air intake (CAI). The new intake draws fresh air from the vent under the driver’s side turn signal. The turbo will now have an unlimited supply of ambient air.

Mock-up of the new charge pipe on the ca18det
This is the mock up of the new charge pipe. Since I will use chemical intercooling only, I can run the pipe directly from the turbo to the throttle body. Boost response should be amazing.

Front mount intercooler on the ca18det.
Image of the CA18DET when the front mount intercooler (fmic) was installed. Note how the hot pipe and cold pipe have to bend to the sides of the engine bay to exit to the front mount. The water injection setup will allow a single charge pipe to run directly from the turbo to the throttle body.

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