MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 3: Disabling the P/S Warning Light)


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This is part 3 of what has turned into a 4 part series. Removing the power steering from this car makes the steering feel phenomenal and the vented surge box from part 2 keeps the steering reliable, consistent and most importantly, extremely light when going slow. However, once you decide that you love this car without power steering, you are probably going to want to quit staring at the illuminated P/S light in your gauge cluster. To prevent the need to do anything intensive such as jump some wires to mimic a signal, we are going to use a little old trick that involves a small piece of black electric tape, placed on the back side of the cluster face to block the light that illuminates the P/S etching on the cluster face. This turns out to be the simplest way to “disable” this warning light as the gauge cluster circuit board appears to use integrated L.E.D. lights that look pretty well attached to the board, and probably shouldn’t be messed with.

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