CA18DET Over the Top Intake Manifold (CA16DE) Install (Part 3: Vacuum and Wiring)


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With the new manifold prepped and installed, you now need to install the vacuum lines and modify the E.F.I. slightly to relocate a couple of plugs. Specifically, the FICD, AAC, throttle valve switch and throttle sensor need to be moved. The FICD and AAC need to be relocated to the back of the intake manifold facing the firewall and the throttle plugs need to be moved to the center top of the new manifold. Instead of extending the wires, simply strip the covering from the harness using a razor or scissors and then pull desired plugs away from the bundle and bind them toward the back with electrical tape. Then re-wrap the harness and secure everything in place. The following gallery and captions shows the process from start to finish beginning with the vacuum lines.

Also, check out Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 21) for pics of the charge pipe routing.

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