Spec’ish MX-5: Primer Part 2

This will be a less than subtle change for the 08 NC MX-5 build I’ve been sitting on to close for a year now. In fact, this car will no longer run in the spec MX-5 series as initially planned.

My original plans are here btw: Spec MX-5 Primer – Driftopia.com

Why the change?

My initial plans were solid. Enter a growing race series with competitive drivers in a widely available chassis that is faster than 944 Spec. A lot of these goals have been met with varying degrees of success in the 2021 race series aside from the inconvenient reality that this series doesn’t have a lot of interest in the Southeast. In fact, there are 2 races on the 2021 calendar less than 10 hours from home. Seeing as I am looking for more race opportunities not more travel, I had to start reevaluating my plans regarding spec MX-5.

Where are things now?

The ridiculous distances I would face for the 2021 season (and probably 2022) weren’t released until 2021, well after I placed a large order with Mazda Motorsports for every piece of the spec suspension and ancillary parts minus the spec motor. So right now I have everything needed to make a very well handling underpowered spec MX-5.

‘Specish’ MX-5

In short, this car has now become an open build. Since I already have everything minus the motor, this car will receive the full spec MX-5 suspension and stopping package. Leaving the engine open. I’m eyeing ST4 at the moment and some Frankenstein engine builds or motor swap like the good ol’ days. Regardless, I expect this car to be stupid quick and still balanced when I’m finished with it. With lots of testing throughout the process.

Time to get to work.

By Chris Simmons


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