Project 240sx (Development Journal)


The ca18det swapped 240sx has enjoyed a short run as my uncomfortable daily driver and track toy yet I still find myself wanting to define this car even more. I knew from the beginning that there would come a time when this car would transition into a no compromise drift car and that is just what this overhaul is about.

The following is photo journal that documents each day’s progress towards tearing the car down and building it back up. Enjoy!

About the Author:

Chris Simmons is a race car driver, instructor, business owner and all around gearhead. His passion for motorsport started in the drifting community and progressed into wheel to wheel racing of all kinds. When off track Chris can be found training and working on a myriad of projects. After a hiatus from writing, he is back to share his passion, knowledge and experience in regard to motorsports on and off the track.

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