MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 3: Disabling the P/S Warning Light)

Related Links MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 1: Try Before You Buy) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 2: The Vented Surge Box) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 3: Disabling the P/S Warning Light) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 4: Summary and Final Install) MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Appendix: Alternate Install) This is part 3 of what has turned into a 4 part...

News Archive (April 2008)

April 21, 2008 We’re Back! Nopi Drift in St. Louis was a blast with the exception that the event organizers made everyone stand behind 2 sets of fences. But it was fun none the less. I will post up a bunch of pictures later so in the meantime, check out the update to Project MR2 Spyder. (Part 3 of Project MR2 Spyder (DD): Weight Reduction and Steering) Update: new install guide Tein Pillow...

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 18)

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Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index

Here we have the mock-up of the new manifold I am making. It basically borrows a few ideas from both the log and equal length manifold designs to make what will be a very responsive manifold that won’t suffer in higher rpm ranges. And don’t worry, the finished product will be much prettier.

Project 240sx Overhaul Journal (Day 17)

Related Links Project 240sx Overhaul Journal Index Today I retrofitted a marine type oil cooler onto the CA18DET.  This type of cooler transfers heat from the oil to the coolant system by installing inline of the cold outlet line on the radiator.  Since my car has more than enough cooling with a colder thermostat and the koyo radiator, this system should work really well in keeping the oil...

MR2 Spyder Gas Mileage (MPG)

It’s the summer of 2008 and the country is going bananas over gas prices. And with the cost of gas increasing on a daily basis, there is an ever growing outcry for more fuel efficient vehicles. As a result, the tuner crowd is beginning to look toward fuel efficiency in combination with power as the hallmark of the next generation of street machines. On this page you will be able to view the...

Welding the S13 Differential (The Perfect Practice Diff)

The What and Why of Welding the Differential. Most 240sx’s come equipped with what is called an open differential. An open differential is designed with four gears set inside a casing that is rotated by the driveshaft. One gear connects to each output shaft and the remaining two gears connect to a center pinion and rotate in opposite directions perpendicular to the rotation of the casing...

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Herron), Firefox 3, WordPress 2.5 File Uploader Hack

Ever since I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 / 2.5.1 and Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Herron) which comes with Firefox 3 Beta 5 as the default browser, I have had sporadic errors with the file uploader in WordPress. Specifically, when trying to upload an image, more often than not, the browse and upload buttons will instantly disappear and will be replaced by the choose files to upload button which does nothing...

S13 Odomoter Rollback (For Track Cars Only!)

DISCLAIMER: THIS GUIDE IS FOR TRACK CARS ONLY. Rolling back the odometer on a street car is ILLEGAL. Not to mention unscrupulous if you do it with deceitful intent. I suggest you look at it this way, if your car is registered with your state and driven on public roads, you cannot do this. On the other hand, if you own a dedicated track car that is trailered when on public roads and not required...

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