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April 21, 2008

Image of two cars drifting at the Nopi Drift event in St. Louis

We’re Back! Nopi Drift in St. Louis was a blast with the exception that the event organizers made everyone stand behind 2 sets of fences. But it was fun none the less. I will post up a bunch of pictures later so in the meantime, check out the update to Project MR2 Spyder. (Part 3 of Project MR2 Spyder (DD): Weight Reduction and Steering)

Update: new install guide Tein Pillow Ball Camber Adjustable Mounts for the Nissan 240sx

April 16, 2008

New tech article posted for project MR2 Spyder: MR2 Spyder Power Steering Removal (Part 2: The Vented Surge Box)

April 11, 2008

Since all of our networking issues have been resolved (see news archives) I figured its time to update you all on what’s going on around here. First of all, the rebuild of project 240sx is nearing completion. This is sort of the “no holds barred” build of the project in what will be its final major overhaul. Of course I will always be tweaking and a roll cage and several other miscelleneous components still need to be installed but in all, the 240 is transforming into a serious drift car. Some of the new goodies include adjustable control arms, pillow mounts, vented power steering delete, marine oil cooler, water injection, megasquirt standalone, custom gauge cluster, custom fabricated intake and exhaust manifolds etc… It is a lot of work and the end result is what I hope will be a very unique and brutal s13. I will be posting numerous updates, tech guides and new parts on the site soon.

Project MR2 Spyder has also undergone a few additions. (or subtractions depending on how you look at it.) Being a sub-2200 lb car, every modification chosen for this car is done in a manner to minimize the curb weight. You can check out the MR2 Spyder Weight Chart to see what has been removed/changed and how it affects the weight of the car. Updates will be coming soon but even in the daily driven trim, with just a 36 lbs weight reduction, the butt dyno is already showing gains. (Weight reduction in race trim is 69.8 lbs)

Finally, the 2008 drift season is in full swing. We will be at several events around the country this year (NOPI Drift and Formula D). Hope to see you all there.

– Chris

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