What is Driftopia?

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I find it hard to believe, but I have been here for two decades, writing about my passion for motorsports. Am I getting old(er)? While this site has ebbed and flowed with the ups and downs of my journey, one thing remains constant: this will always be the original/OG Driftopia. I say that because...

What the _ _ _ _ Happened to the Internet

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a good rant and I’m about to show my age with this one. Lately, I find myself asking, ‘What the hell happened to the internet?’ Over the past decade, this once amazing research tool has slowly turned into one big advertisement...

NOPI Drift St. Louis (2008)

As I said on the news page, the 2008 Nopi Drift event in St. Louis Missouri was somewhat of a let down this year. Given, the event was larger than last year which was great but unfortunately, the layout was also changed and really separated the spectators from the action. However, this was more...

Aftermarket Lady Lumps

And no I am not talking about breast implants. What I want to know is do boobs make your car faster? Do they make you a better driver? Hell, I bet a purist would argue the converse and tell you that smaller is lighter and therefore better. Regardless, I received a flyer recently for a first annual...

Contradictologists Stroking their Egorections

I don’t have a Ph.D. so I lack the credentials to make up words but even so this ridiculous topic requires just that special kind of phrase that can only be used to describe that special kind of internet Nazi, the contradictologist. The controdictologist is the guy that we all love to hate...


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