A Tribute to Colin McRae (1968 – 2007)


I am writing this now because in all honesty I didn’t know what to say when this first happened. No, I never had the honor of meeting Colin McRae but I remember staying glued to the TV for hours on end watching him fling the Subaru Impreza WRX rally car around countless rallys all throughout the world. McRae’s driving was literally supernatural and in fact, I can say that he is one of my greatest inspirations and one of the drivers that ignited that first spark of passion that led me to drifting. I am writing this page because I feel like motorsports has truly lost a legend, one of those rare talents that raises the bar for all to see. This page is a tribute to Colin McRae and his brilliant racing career. You will be sorely missed.

This is a piece showing his brilliant driving.

This is one of the many many tribute videos showing up on youtube.

By 240am

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