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August 23, 2007

Just thought I would add a quick pic of the front mount intercooler piping on the ca18det and let you guys know that the gallery is going to be removed for the time being as it runs way too slow on the current server. Also, we’ve got a myspace now so if you have one drop by. (link)

front mount intercooler piping on the ca18det motor

August 17, 2007

Image of the T1R X-brace installed on the Honda S2000 (

The first S2000 install guide is now up. (T1R X-Brace Installation (Honda S2000))

August 14, 2007

A new gallery section has been added to the site. You can browse to it from the main navigation at the top or simply click this link. Also check out the NOPI Drift pics and the gallery pics of project s2000 drift.

Project Updates:

CA18DET(S13) 240sx Part 6: And I Won’t Call It Drivetrain Tech.
S2000 Drift Part 1: Introducing the Honda S2000 Drift Car

August 13, 2007

Image of the new front mount intercooler on the ca18det swapped 240sx s13

My day job has been kicking my ass this last month so I haven’t had much time to devote to what truly matters in life, drifting. And I say that in all seriousness. Computers pay the bills while a parade of race cars dance through my head. Those who understood the previous sentence know how agonizing that situation can be. But now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel I call work, it is time to start implementing some changes to to send it to the next level.

The first change is the addition of Digg and Reddit buttons at the bottom of all blog posts. Several users have requested this feature so if you see something you like on this site, you can click the buttons at the bottom of the page and add said page to the Digg or Reddit archives for more people to see.

As for upcoming changes, perhaps the biggest one you guys will notice is that the forums are going to become the home page. This is being done to get more people to participate in the site. The forums will be a great place to discuss drifting and motorsports and will lead the way for much greater user participation. Also look for free gallery hosting, guest writers, new projects and huge additions to the tech/tutorial/how to sections as well as layout and navigation changes.

Now for the fun stuff. Driftopia has a new project car, Project S2000 Drift. This is my brother’s car, a 2005 Honda S2000 and although the S2000 isn’t the ideal chassis for drifting, we both love a challenge and are looking forward to making this thing slide. The before pics and introductory article are coming up this week.

On another note, Project CA18DET(S13) now runs a front mount intercooler (see top). This car gets used and abused and simplicity in design is paying huge dividends on efficiency and maintenance. Part 6 of Project CA18DET(S13), drivetrain tech, will be added this week as well a full explanation of all new additions to the car.

Finally, the news page will now only include the current months happenings. Past news can be found here.

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