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Update: Colin McRae Tribute page is up. I felt like I had to write something for someone that has inspired my passions so much. You will be missed.

Sept 27, 2007

New tech article up … HKS SSQV Recirculated Blow Off Valve Theory and Install. This article is not only specific to the ca18det swapped 240sx but is also a guide to installed a BOV in a MAF system.

The SSQV BOV installed on the ca18det.
The SSQV BOV installed on the ca18det.

Sept 18, 2007

New off-topic article added … Aftermarket Lady Lumps … and no it is not what you are thinking.

Sept 17, 2007

New addition to the 240sx Tech Section. (Nismo Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) Install)

The Nismo Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator is installed at the back of the CA18DET’s fuel rail on the Nissan 240sx s13.

Sept 14, 2007

A new tutorial has been added to the 240sx Tech Section. (Nissan 240SX Brake Bleeding)

Sept 12, 2007

Salutations fellow gearheads and thank God it’s September. Anyone living near the south knows that we have been dealing with unbearable heat over the last month (I am talking 104+ degrees) and with the heat finally subsiding, it is time to get down to business.

First up, the t-shirt giveaway. Throughout the end of the year I want to focus on getting the community involved at so the first 20 active members on the forums will get a free t-shirt. The graphic is below.

The tshirt design for

If you want a shirt free of charge, get involved in the forums.

Up next is Project CA18DET. Wow, this car is a dream. Like I said the heat has been virtually unbearable in the garage over the last month but with the cooler weather ahead the ca18det is being boosted to 1 bar. As it sits the car is amazingly responsive and remarkably quick for only touching the 200hp mark. At 300whp and 2300lbs it will be rather fun indeed. In the next coming weeks I will catalog the stand alone install and also write a tutorial on how to weld the differential. Look for some youTube videos of the car in action in the not to distant future.

On an alternate note, Project S2000 is changing. Although ideally project s2000 was meant for drifting, the owner of the car and I decided that the compromises that would need to be made the s2000 to make it a proper drift car would upset much of the balance that makes this car such a gem. As such, the work on project S2000 is going to lean towards making this car a daily driven track monster. As work commences on the newly defined project I will add walk through and tech guides to the S2000 Tech page.

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