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November 25, 2007

A new quick link has been added to centralize the data pertaining to the water injection install on the CA18DET. CA18DET Water/Methanol Injection Links. As progress continues, I will add more links to this page including a full water injection install and a how water injection works guide. In the meantime, check out the first link, CA18DET Water/Methanol Injection Progress Pics, which features up to date progress pics.

The ssqv bov is recirculated into the new cold air intake on the ca18det.
The SSQV BOV is recirculated back to the non pressurized side of the turbo via the cold air intake. The red hose will get replaced with a hard line soon.

November 18, 2007

Progress is continuing on the water/methanol injection conversion for the ca18det. The charge pipe is now complete, minus the BOV flange and I have made a new cold air intake using hard piping for the turbo. The new cold air intake routes from the turbo to the outside of the engine bay where the filter is tucked right behind the bumper support. At this location the intake will have an unlimited supply of fresh ambient air from the vent below the turn signal while still staying protected from the elements. (rain) A few progress pics below.

The charge pipe on the soon to be water injected only ca18det.
The numbered areas are a few of the locations where I am thinking about plumbing in the water nozzles for the water injection. It will most likely end of being at location #3.

The new cold air intake of the ca18det picks up air from outside the engine bay.
The air filter on the new CAI (cold air intake) sits outside the engine bay just behind the bumper support.

Novemder 14, 2007

I’ve appended the old ca18det water mod with a new simplified version found here. CA18DET Coolant Mod Number 2 (From 10 lines to 1)

I’m also in the process of converting project ca18det to water/methanol injection instead of running a standard intercooler. Here is a pic of the new charge pipe routing.

Image showing the new charge pipe routing on the water injected ca18det.
Short and sweet. Boost response should be amazing.

November 9, 2007

New tech article up to help newcomers to the 240sx tuning world. Deciphering 240sx Lingo (Chuki’s, Kouki’s, Silvia’s and Zenki’s Ohh My!)

November 5, 2007

Last month I hinted at a big change in project ca18det and this month I am going to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. The big change happening to project ca18det has to do with intercooling. The 240sx will no longer run a traditional intercooler but it will run water/methanol injection. This will not only remove the pressure drop associated with intercooling but it will also allow the most efficient charge path possible with no compromises. And all of that going on a daily driven, tracked 240sx. I will post updates in the tech and project sections as I make progress on this setup.

That’s it for the happenings right now but I still have to say today is the perfect day to plug one of my favorite movies V for Vendetta.


Remember, remember the 5th of November.

And sometimes, you just have to post a pic of RB26DETT swapped 350Z.

RB26DETT swapped Nissan 350z

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