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May 30, 2008

The guide, installing a sr20det lightweight flywheel and clutch into the ca18det has been updated with new pics. Mainly focusing on the clearance of the new flywheel so that the factory bolts do not bottom out in the crank.

May 27, 2008

Project 240sx Overhaul Update:
Day 16: Battery Installation and Liquid Intercooler Install

May 24, 2008

Project 240sx Overhaul Updates:

Day 14: Flywheel Fixed and Motor Installed

Day 15: New Radiator and Wiring Harness Re-Install

May 9, 2008

Posted new pics for the 240sx overhaul. Day 13: Aluminum Fuel Cell Install

May 7, 2008

As promised here is the NOPI Drift picture gallery. NOPI Drift St. Louis 2008

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