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February 28, 2008

The latest install guide (240sx Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings) is a little different. The kit I used came with a dvd install guide so instead of restating what has already been said, I simply detailed a few adjustments that I made to the install process. You may or may not need to make these adjustments so read the guide, watch the video and then decide for yourself.

February 18, 2008

I have been pretty busy as of late so this will be quick. I added a new section to project 240sx: (Project 240sx Overhaul Journal) Everything is explained on the main page but in short, this is basically a photo journal cataloging the transition of project 240sx from a questionable street car to a full blown drift terror.

There is also a new install guide for the Comptech Supercharged S2000. The initial non-intercooled install already suffered from heat soak and it is still winter. To remedy this, a front mount intercooler was added. Check it out here: (FMIC Install (Comptech Supercharged Honda S2000))

February 6, 2008

With the gradual mods performed to project MR2 Spyder, a few areas will be addressed with custom parts. The first one being a custom cold air intake. But before this, there is a simple intermediate step that will improve throttle response while retaining the stock intake box. (MR2 Spyder Intake (Part 1: Removing the Post Filter Intake Pipes)

February 4, 2008

The FMIC is now installed on Project S2000. FMIC Install (Comptech Supercharged Honda S2000)

January 28, 2008

Still building up to more boost on the supercharged S2000 but in the meantime, we are installing a few more supporting gauges to keep tabs on things. Electric Oil Pressure Gauge Install (Honda S2000)

Header image for the oil pressure gauge install on the Comptech S2000

January 24, 2008

Jpg image of project s2000’s new front mount intercooler

January 22, 2008

I am almost finished with all of the chassis bracing on the MR2 Spyder. Check back soon for a project update to see how all of these parts interact with each other and how they change the character of the car. In the meantime, the lower rear bracing is done. Rear Lower Brace (Bars) Install (MR2 Spyder / MR-S)

Header image of the rear lower brace install on the MR2 Spyder / MR-S

January 15, 2008

New suspension install for project MR2 Spyder. MR2 Spyder Front Lower Chassis Brace Install (Che’s Front Brace)

Jpg header image of the che brace installed on the MR2 Spyder

January 14, 2008

Here is the first gauge install on the Comptech supercharged Honda S2000.Honda S2000 Vacuum/Boost Gauge Install (Faze Electric Gauge)

Jpg header image of the faze electric boost gauge before installation on the Comptech supercharger S2000.

January 11, 2008

In preparation for more boost on project S2000, we are installing a couple of aftermarket gauges and supporting equipment. I will be adding multiple gauge installs soon but first, a place to put the first two gauges. Honda S2000 Gauge Pod Install (Pillar Pod)

Jpg image of the pillar pod installed on the Honda S2000

January 8, 2008

I must say I have never seen as much gain on the addition of a strut tower bar than I have on the MR2 Spyder. Check it out TRD Front Strut Tower Brace Install (Toyota MR2 Spyder)

January 7, 2008

Just finished one of the supporting write-ups for the Comptech Supercharger Install. Honda S2000 High Flow Fuel Pump Install (Walbro 255)

Jpg image showing the removed fuel pump assembly from the Honda S2000.

January 3, 2008 (UPDATE)

The Comptech supercharger install guide is now online. Installing the Comptech Stage 1 Centrifugal Supercharger onto the Honda S2000. Enjoy!

banner image for the comptech s2000

January 3, 2008

Welcome to 2008. Hope you all had a great holiday season. As for me, the holidays were a great time to relax and just slow down for a little bit. It is always nice to take a step back and gain your focus.

So on to the important stuff, cars, right? Rio-S2K (over at the forums) and I spent a few days this holiday installing a Comptech supercharger and supporting mods onto project S2000. You can read all about it here in Part 2: Reintroducing Project S2000 (Change of Plans and More Power). Needless to say, the car is significantly quicker now but we aren’t stopping there. A 10 lb pulley will make its way onto the car very soon.

Project s2000 with the stage 1 comptech supercharger installed.

Also, I will be adding walkthoughs and tutorials for all of the mods that have been added to project S2000 as well as project MR2 and project CA18DET 240sx. I’ve got lots of interesting things for this month so be sure to check back.

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